Launched in early 2017 by Tanya Grigoroglou, RAW Editions was conceived as a celebration of the intrinsic qualities of print media and an exploration of the endless possibilities of their raw materials: paper, wood, copper, acid. It was born from a desire to promote intellectually stimulating editions of unparalleled technical mastery. In its current form, RAW Editions is an eclectic curation of prints and multiples in a reposeful and understated online space.

The primary catalyst was that first encounter with printmaking at Yale University. Instantly captivated by the atmosphere of experimentation and collaboration of the printshop, Tanya shifted her academic focus to train as a lithographer and received a BA in History of Art with a concentration on printmaking. In the following years, Tanya headed the Prints & Multiples departments at Bonhams Auctioneers and Paddle8, travelling extensively to source exceptional prints and share her passion.

At RAW Editions, we are endlessly fascinated by the spaces art inhabits. Our ambition is to place each edition in a natural setting and create fully immersive living spaces that enhance the experience of works of art. Our fresh approach is led by curiosity and experimentation. We like things to be raw and natural: hand-made papers, unfinished woods, simple ceramics and a splash of urban green living (well, a big splash).  We surround our art with unrefined everyday design, facilitate witty sensory connections and observe the quirky interactions at play between art and life.

We endeavour to create an interactive and honest experience to help collectors discover editions and access the extraordinary.

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